monitoring-instrumentsAn important range of products commercialized by the Avid Technician’s Shop is represented by monitoring instruments, which are in demand ever since the early beginnings of the shop, which based its initial sales on such items. As years passed, ATS remained well-known for its available range and to this day the shop is the official supplier for all local institutions and official organizations.

Ranging from simple tension monitoring hand-held instruments for electricians and ending with more massive, support-based oscilloscopes and even anemometers, the Avid Technician’s Shop promises to suffice the requirements of any technician who deals in his or her work of line with parameters and assemblies that require precise controls.

All the monitoring products can be easily compared for checking their specifications and making a choice much simpler and to archive that, the website offers a separated interface, where customers can easily drag the preferred products and keep them “hovering” on a dedicated menu bar, where they are able to keep track of their selection. Once they are satisfied with the final form of their selection, they can easily expand it and view all the details for each of the chosen merchandise.

Parameters such as the power range, sensitivity, current consumption, power sources available, targeted applications, price, as well as product availability, are just some of the characteristics that can be subjected to comparison when using the dedicated interface, therefore users being able to make up their mind about a specific product in a much easier way.

All the products which remain in the final customer selection can be easily added to the shopping cart and the browsing process can be resumed or checkout proceedings initialized. For all the monitoring instruments, the customers who purchase them on the days that symbolize the birth dates for famous scientists, such as Heinrich Herz, who are related to parameters that can be monitored with the purchased instruments, will receive a 50% discount.