knives-for-workmenAlthough not entirely related to more “fine” instruments, such as those used for measuring and monitoring offered by the Avid Technician’s Shop, the functional tools and knives that are also commercialized on this website are targeted at helping those who require specialized tools for construction, repairs and many other operations that need particular items, with specific functionality.

People will be able to find tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers or even scissors; specialized functional knives, for those who are involved into carpentry or electric repairs are also provided, together with the classic Swiss Army types, which represent an indispensable asset in any technician’s bag.

Featuring a well established range of knives, the Avid Technician’s Shop website allows people to select their tools in accordance with the destined application. To this end, one can simply use the dedicated selection interface, where all the supported activities and applications are provided, such as repairs, maintenance, mechanics, electricity operations or carpentry and tick the corresponding target application. This will automatically narrow down the range of selected items and this way people will be able to find the preferred items much quicker. In order to refine the search even more, filters can be applied, using keywords and this can help narrow down even more the selection possibilities.

The range of Swiss Army knives offered by Avid Technician’s Shop comprise a collection that addresses the needs of all types of users. Starting with the electrician who requires an “all-in-all” tool for fixing numerous issues single-handedly and ending with the skilled carpenter that needs the versatility of multiple blades in a single package, such tools provided at the Avid Technician’s Shop will surely be of great use. The Swiss Army knife collection also comes accompanied with corresponding sheets and transport cases for each of the individual pieces.