purchasing-information-and-tipsThis page was designed in order to offer prospective customers some general information on how to proceed with the purchases and which factors to consider when it comes to all the steps that make an order complete. Guidance on all of the different steps will be provided, in the hope that this will be useful for all those who wish to order the preferred products.

As specified in the other pages, where information was provided for the individual product ranges, the website offers a “cart” system, which allows people to add the favorite products into a virtual shopping cart.

After the required products have been added to said cart, people can either resume their product search by dismissing it or proceed to the checkout and order confirmation. In order to do so, one must click the necessary feature, which will open up a dedicated page where the contents of the cart are displayed, each with its corresponding details: name, target applications, price, quantity and VAT.

If further adjustments are required, people can either increase or decrease the product quantities, delete them altogether or add them to a wishlist. By adding the products from the shopping cart to a wishlist, users will be able to save them for later and avoid writing down a list of products that are of interest but will be addressed momentarily. This is useful as it also enables people to provide their email address and receive updates whenever the characteristics of that specific product, such as the price or availability, are changed.

The customer support team is always ready to offer a helping hand to all those who are ordering products and are in need of guidance and to that end, people can use the IM chat client and communicate directly to a sales representative who will make sure that everyone will be able to benefit from a smooth and straightforward buying process.