The first contact that customers or clients have with your company is usually with your employees. Good employees represent the company in a most satisfactory way, through good manners, a groomed appearance and well-developed customer service skills. Today, a lot of our business is done online and on a remote basis. Most companies have a digital side to their business, including daily e-mail correspondence. Writing is, more than ever before, a very important part of how our businesses are seen by the world. Someone who writes correctly and with a well-developed vocabulary is very likely to give a more professional impression.

shutterstock_401129482Writing in the modern age

In this digital age, it is also very common that the first contact a person has with your company is through media, such as an internet site. If that is the case, it is text and images that are the first chance of giving your very best impression to future customers or clients. If you have employees that run the website for you, such as filling it with content or blogging, it is very important that their writing skills follow high standards. Coach them to improve their writing, perhaps through taking a writing course or being active on sites such as

Developing life skills

To write great correspondence and digital content are two reasons to develop your employees writing skills. To have good writing skills can also do wonders for your employees confidence, which in turn can make them even more skilled at expressing themselves. Even if you probably want to keep good employees in your company, it can give them more chances in life if they know how to write a perfect resume. As an employer, you are doing your staff a big favour by helping them develop their writing skills. The final reason is that people who have good writing skills usually read more, thus becoming more educated and enriched in life.